Guest Accommodation at Hacienda Yaxcopoil

Hacienda Yaxcopoil has a splendid “Casa de Visitas” (guest house) beautifully restored for guests with free WiFi service.

Guest House

The “Casa de Visitas” (guest house) has a large room, furnished with 2 double beds, air-conditioning, ceiling fan, private bath, patio and parking space. A kitchen area is equipped with a refrigerator, coffee machine and chinaware needed for a pleasant stay. 

We Serve Delicious Meals

Your meals are served at whatever time you desire. This is a chance to eat genuine home-cooked Mayan food, and it is a treat not to be missed!

The dinner begins with a delicious bowl of Sopa de Lima, traditional Yucatecan soup served with toasted tortillas or totopos. Next enjoy three different styles of tamales: tortilladoscolados and chanchamitos. All of them have chicken in a pocket of cornmeal, wrapped either in corn leaves or banana leaves. They are steamed and served hot with two kinds of salsa, as well as the famous Yucatan habanero chile.

A traditional Yucatecan dessert of seasonal fruit gives the meal a sweet ending, with a jar of fresh horchata (sweet rice milk) that helps to wash it all down!

The next morning, after some stargazing and a peaceful night’s sleep, start your day with fresh fruit, juice, coffee and fresh-baked cornbread. For a real treat, eat outside on the veranda and enjoy watching and listening to all the different birds in your own hacienda retreat.

Lunch is also available upon request. For lunch, the table is set with a fresh salad of local cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. Also, you’ll have a hot dish of chicken consomme, caldo de relleno blanco, accompanied by the relleno blanco itself, made with chicken and ground pork, and accompanied by chopped onions, cilantro and naranja agria, Yucatan’s famous bitter orange. Of course, all of this is made spicier with a side of salsa habanero, if you wish. Dessert will be a dulce de papayacamote or a seasonal fruit.

If you would like a vegetarian meal, please request that. The meal will be prepared with fruits and vegetables that are in season.

Make Your Reservation

If you want to partake of this unique opportunity, call or email us to reserve a room. Let us know if you would like the meals when you make your reservation. (Remember: if you want wine with dinner, please bring your own bottle.)

Daily Rates and Payments

$100. USD Guest House (double occupancy)
$10. USD Per additional person
$10. USD For breakfast per person
$15. USD For lunch per person
$15. USD For dinner per person

The most convenient and safe method for payment is to pay through PayPal. This is free to you, and all you need is a credit card or an Echeck to send your deposit specifying that the payment is for a service and not for a purchase of any item.

We look forward to having you as our guests at Hacienda Yaxcopoil!